"James Potter was tall. He had black hair, which - much like James himself - never seemed willing to cooperate. He was handsome, with spectacles, a strong jaw, and a long, straight nose. He had good skin, good teeth and a crooked grin. He played Quidditch better than nearly everyone he’d ever met, and had a very distinctive gait: a simultaneously lazy and businesslike, self-possessing walk that seemed to suggest that wherever he might be, he would be just as comfortable somewhere else, and whoever he might see there was quite lucky that he came at all”

My TLAT Cast: Aaron Johnson as James Potter from The Life & Times

He is not my James but people seem to like him, so there you go! :) Gifs from here, here & here

"And the look in his eyes broke Lily’s heart to witness. For the first time, she understood, actually understood, Luke Harper. She saw the consequences of the last few months - the consequences of his conflicted loyalties over Logan, his grief for his father, his fear for his family, his disappointment in Lily. He was torn apart. The weakness she perceived in February - his feather trigger changeability - had left him in shreds, and now he clung to one thing he had always believed in though his own, rational brain ought to have showed him reason. Though he had broken his arm and Merlin only knew what else, Luke believed in Logan. He had to.”

My TLAT Cast: Bradley James as Luke Harper from The Life & Times

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"You don’t care about anyone but yourself! It must have been… it must have been so exciting for you to land James Potter! You must have thought that… that stupid, mousy little Shelley wouldn’t say anything! Like- like in fourth year, when you kissed him… you must have thought I’d stay in line and behave! But I’m not going to! I’m not going to be your stupid little sidekick anymore! I’m done with that!”

My TLAT Cast: Juno Temple as Shelley (Michelle) Mumps from The Life & Times

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My TLAT Cast so far

Right here…just for fun & because I have massive love for TLAT

"Rude," said Peter.

My TLAT Cast: Craig Roberts asPeter Pettigrew from The Life and Times

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“Shacklebolt, I noticed that your sister made Ravenclaw. You must be so proud. I mean, it must be nice for you to know that not everyone in your family is doomed to second best. Anyway… it’ll be nice having a Shacklebolt around in the Common Room again. I’m sure the two of us will have plenty to talk about, your sister and I. We have so much in common, after all- intimate knowledge of you, for one thing. She looks so much like you, Shacklebolt. It makes a bloke wonder if she’s like you in other ways too. Should I interpret this stony silence as agreement? Because I’m sure Bridget and I will get to be the best of mates pretty soon.”

My TLAT Cast: Sam Jackson as Charlie Plex from The Life and Times

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"It was sort of like sitting down to a familiar supper. It was like being so hungry and sitting down at the table, where the food was all spread out there before him: a meal he’d eaten five hundred times. And as he dished out the food onto his plate, he could already taste it. The first bite was already in his mouth before he’d picked up the fork. He knew- on some subconscious level= what was coming next, and yet he couldn’t breathe for the anticipation.”

My TLAT Cast: Jamie Bell as Adam McKinnon from The Life and Times

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"Truthfully, being happy isn’t about having what you want when you want it,is it? Because then we’d have no control over our own happiness, and I don’t happen to believe in that. Take me for example. I’m exceedingly happy some of the time. But it’s not because of David or Sarah or anyone. People make me happy, sure, but only in a way- the purely reactionary way. Which is fine. For me, being happy is about doing what you’re meant to be doing at any given time. Being in sync with your purpose. Did I make that up or have I been reading Fiona Keepdown books again? No, I think I made it up.”

My TLAT Cast: Joe Anderson as Sam Dearborn from The Life and Times

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"This is about a girl, isn’t it? A girl. It’s about a girl, isn’t it? It’s always about a girl — dramatic speeches that don’t make s-s-sense"

My TLAT Cast: Freddie Highmore as Reg Cattermole from The Life and Times

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Then, one day, when he was in his second year at Hogwarts, the thing that Remus did fear came to pass and his secret was discovered- discovered by his three roommates. But, surprisingly, they didn’t seem to mind. They weren’t afraid of him, didn’t hate him, and they actually thought it was kind of cool. For Remus, that was the beginning of the Marauders- not the very beginning, but Remus’s beginning. It wasn’t the whole story, though. There was a lot more to it- thousands and thousands of moments, built up from there. Thousands and thousands of conversations and arguments and seconds of pure contentment. And then, Remus Lupin wasn’t sad anymore. He wasn’t afraid, either, and he wasn’t lonely. For a while, Remus Lupin was happy”

My TLAT Cast: Andrew Garfield as Remus Lupin from The Life and Times

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"Back straight and head high, Clancy ascended the staircase, and Marlene watched her go. She realized, as she did, that it had been completely silly, grouping Clancy Goshawk with Prudence Daly or herself or Donna or even Cassidy Gamp. Prudence’s reaction to even the misunderstood information that her boyfriend might be seeing someone else was absolutely nothing to Clancy’s: in fact, Clancy’s was in a (weird) league of its own.”

My TLAT Cast: Felicity Jones as Clancy Goshawk from The Life and Times

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"He doesn’t fancy you anymore. Oh, I didn’t mean that to sound mean. I just meant- I know that he used to. He didn’t say so, but- I guess we could all guess as much. And I know that you must have known… A girl always knows. But he doesn’t fancy you that way anymore. I know that, too. But I’m not telling you this to be mean, really, I- I’m not doing it right at all, I know that. What I mean to say, is that it’s very easy for a bloke to believe in a girl that he fancies. There are… there are ulterior motives, you know? But Adam doesn’t fancy you anymore, and he still thinks you’ll be brilliant.”

My TLAT Cast: Sonam Kapoor as Prudence Daly from The Life and Times

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"In the six years Adam McKinnon had known Donna Shacklebolt, he had never seen her crying. Until now. And the strangest part of it was, she didn’t seem to care that Adam was staring at her. Her shoulders continued to shake, tears streaming down her soaked face, while her fingertips futilely massaged her temples. But worse than the tears was her expression; she looked so completely lost. Out of control and powerless - the opposite of everything that Donna represented. It occurred to Adam- while he stood there in stunned silence- that Donna Shacklebolt was really very beautiful. She had great lines- a face that might have been sculpted in marble, and with large, glassy amber eyes. And her hair fell about in an unholy mess of coal black ringlets, beyond her control even in the best of times, much less now. She was built tall, with broad shoulders and lean, strong arms that made her an exceptional chaser. And because every part of Donna seemed to be carved out of dark stone, Adam had never noticed that the witch was really quite striking, until now that she was an unsightly train-wreck.”

My TLAT Cast: Antonia Thomas as Donna Shacklebolt from The Life and Times

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"I mean, usually, when a person spends a year in Azkaban, it’s not a pretty sight once they’re out. Adds ten years to a witch, they say, but Shacklebolt…doesn’t look a day over eighteen. She’s not about to advertise that she spent a year in prison, is she? Or, for that matter, that she hacked a bloke to pieces. I mean, it’s not exactly the first impression a bird wants to make… especially to a bloke like you, right? I’m surprised you never heard of her - it was all over the papers. If you’d seen the pictures…Well, you wouldn’t likely forget it. She was really only there during the trial, y’know? She got off in the end. The problem was just a lack of evidence. I mean, they figured he was dead, right, but all they could ever find of him was… well… that and the fingernails”

My TLAT Cast: Garrett Hedlund as Jack Lathe from The Life and Times

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"But- but I reckon that…where you are, you don’t hate anyone..not even Vernon Dursley? Can you still tease people, at least? Not in a mean way, just… y’know… in good fun? I hope so. I hope you’re blissfully happy, and that you’re not lonely for Mum and Tuney and me…I don’t think you are… I think, I think that it’s like, you can always remember us, but your memory is perfect, so it’s not like a memory at all; it’s like, living every moment all the time. And all the bad things seem little, and just- just stepping stones to the good things. And all the good things seem wonderful”

My TLAT Cast: Karen Gillanas Lily Evans from The Life and Times

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